Common Estimating Charts

Here are some estimating charts for your convenience for figuring out how much roofing, ventilation, fiberglass insulation, gypsum, joint compound, and other commodity products needed to complete your project:






Design Your Dream Deck with Fiberon

A grand, Victorian-styled, wrap-around veranda. With a private reading nook. And perhaps an outdoor fireplace? Traditional railing? Or maybe something with a clearer view. When it comes to planning the components of your deck, the possibilities are endless.

The online Fiberon Deck Designer tool is an ideal way to experiment, explore and watch your ideas come to life. With a couple of clicks, you can create a deck plan that perfectly complements the space you’re building it in — and a materials list to match. Upon completing your custom deck design, you’ll have everything you need to hand over to a contractor and say "Build It"!

Fiberon Deck Designer

  • Select your deck shape and size of your deck including the number of levels, stairs, railings — even board widths and footings
  • Customize your deck with various Fiberon products, colors, textures, design shapes and accessories
  • Create and save multiple deck designs to compare and review later
  • Print out your deck plans in full color, including a 3-D rendering and a complete materials list